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About: Vanessa Spiva

Vanessa is an Intuitive Emotional Healing Practitioner. Drawing from a diverse range of modalities and practices, she provides comprehensive support for deep emotional healing. Her personal journey, marked by emotional disconnection and numbness in the first 30 years of her life, inspired her to focus on emotional healing for others.

Over the course of a seven-year healing journey, Vanessa gathered a collection of tools, practices, and modalities that not only facilitated her own growth but also empowered her to assist others in their transformative processes. Recognizing that traditional talk therapy may not resonate with everyone, she offers a unique blend of energetic and subconscious modalities to bridge the gaps and provide alternative pathways to resolution. Vanessa's approach allows individuals to alchemize their life experiences to create new neural pathways, ultimately, helping each individual create a new narrative for their life.

Vanessa believes that everyone possesses a purpose. She understands that when individuals fully embrace their purpose and life path, a transformative ripple effect occurs, ultimately leading to a positive global impact. With a particular focus on supporting aspiring conscious leaders, Vanessa dedicates herself to helping them heal emotionally, empowering them to expand further into their purpose and make meaningful contributions to the world.

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One on One

Sessions & Programs

Each Offering is Clickable

The Launch Program includes 3 Sessions.

Targeted for a specific intention for self improvement or an emotional breakthrough.

Single session for emotional healing. The intention is to achieve some kind of emotional or limiting belief breakthrough in 1 session. OR

specific modality of choice.

The Transformational Program includes 5 Sessions.

Targeted for 2 or 3 intentions for self-improvement or emotional breakthrough.

The Deep Dive Program includes

10 sessions, designed to cover past, present, and accelerate you into clarity for your mission and purpose .

Click on one of the programs for booking & more info

Refund Policy: Refunds are provided with 24 hours of purchase if the service is unused.

Cancellations: Sessions can be rescheduled up to 1 month after any cancellations. You will receive a credit to use to rebook your session.

Expiration: Each program includes a 60 day grace period to use up any remaining unused sessions. After 60 days, the unused sessions are not available to redeem.

Supportive Tools, Practices, and Modalities

Internal Family Systems Therapy

A specific practice in therapy to understand and map the different parts of the psyche. A foundational practice for changing old behaviors and releasing past experiences.

Human Design Coaching

An energetic blueprint based on your birthday, time, and location. Highlighting your superpowers, strengths, and themes in your life for success.

Shamanic ENergy HEaling

A blend of different energetic healing modalities. It's a non-touch practice that can be conducted online or in- person.

Shadow Work

A process of working with limiting beliefs, fears, and contracting emotions that are holding you back.

Inner Child Work

A powerful tool in the reflection and healing process. Strengthening the connection between you and your childhood self.



Using methods to recreate new neural pathways in a theta brain wave state.

Intuitive Guidance

Providing Intuitive guidance to increase self-awareness and subconscious connection.

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Emotional FrEedom technique (EFT)

A specific technique for releasing the resistance to change and also working with the energy of the body. This process works to anchor in new thoughts and emotions for lasting transformation.



A healing Modality founded by Dr. Eric Peral. It's a non-touch energetic transmission of energy to communicate with the energy of your body/ mind/ spirit for physical & mental optimization.

How does it work?

1. Sessions offered Remotely Via Zoom or In Person

2. All sessions are 1.5 hours

3. You will be guided on how the session will go.

4. Have a space where you can both sit and lay down (if desired). So a couch or bed is best. Desk areas are only recommended if we are covering more of the coaching component in your program.

4. Make sure you are in a private and quiet space. Place pets in another room.

5. Sessions can be recorded per request for your records and reflection.

6. If you signed up for a program of sessions. You will have consistent support and guidance for integration during the sessions.

7. Please refrain from stimulants like coffee immediately before or during the session. Healing & transformation happens in the alpha, theta, delta, and gamma brain wave states.

8. Please make sure your body is properly hydrated.

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