Discover & Decode your Life’s Purpose

a Pesronalized purpose report based on your birthdate & Time

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Get the answers to fill in your Soul Purpose Map

Clarity, Confidence, & Concepts to implement and execute

Build a Purpose that is fulfilling, significant, and impactful

Are you experiencing these challenges?

Feeling unfulfilled (even though you are highly accomplished). You have received all the degrees, you have the titles, you have the financial success - you have everything that you thought would provide fulfillment, significance, and impact- but it doesn’t!

Feeling burned out in your current career/ business/ daily responsibilities. Your time is value and you have so much to do everyday to keep all the plates spinning. You feel like you will never have time to discover what you truly want to create in this life or that you will never have time to start pivoting towards your dreams.

Stuck in the comfort zone! Whether that is your 9 to 5 job or it’s the business that you run, you feel like you are a prisoner to your existing obligations. Felling like you are in a loop that doesnt end and it just feels like you are here to “pay bills and die”

Understand yourself on a deeper level

Create your vision for your future

Use your birth blueprint as long term guidance

the Features

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100 plus pages of your personal birth

blueprint information in one report

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Your career & purpose themed Astrology,

Human Design, Gene Keys, and Numerology

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Journaling prompts to help you process and

understand how to apply the information

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Step-by-step process to help you create your Soul Purpose One Page Map

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The report becomes a long-term personal

guidebook that will be valuable for future decisions

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A 1 hour Integration call with Vanessa to

discuss your report


Vanessa Soul

Vanessa is a Purpose Decoder & Purpose Coach. Her mastery in IFS Therapy, Human Design, Astrology & Intuitive Work, allows her to deeply support aspiring Conscious Leaders & Spiritual Entrepreneurs into an expanded life purpose.

Vanessa is on a mission to help as many people as possible discover and expand into the highest Life Purpose of their lifetime. She believes that one of the purposes of life is to discover how limitless we are; and she has crafted a process to help individuals decode, discover, and expand into a fulfilling life of meaning and clarity. Vanessa believes that everyone possesses a purpose. She understands that when individuals fully embrace their purpose and life path, a transformative ripple effect occurs, ultimately leading to a positive global impact.


1.What is the information based on?

Your birthdate, time of birth, and location or birth & full name at birth is used to pull your natal charts for Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, and Numerology

2. How can Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keyes, and Numerology help me decode your purpose?

There are specific aspects in each system that focus on career and purpose themes. Each system does not provide the whole picture of your life purpose so Vanessa has come up with a process to compile the most significant pieces of information from each system.

3. I have already had an Astrology or Human Design reading and it didn't help me with my career or purpose. So how is this different?

Looking at the specific aspects for career, life purpose, and legacy requires niched attention and efforts. If you get a general Astrology or Human Design reading, the reader may not know that you are wanting to decode and discover your purpose. Also, each system on it’s own does not provide comprehensive information. Connecting the information between all 4 systems provides a deeper understanding.

4. How is this report different from the Healing & Coaching programs that I have previously completed with Vanessa?

The main difference is the amount of information that is personally crafted for you in advance. Vanessa prepares each persons report, the process requires several hours for each report. Additionally, the amount of information presented can not be presented in 1.5 hour zoom call session. Just like an book Author would not be able to deliver all the information in their book in a verbal conversation, same goes with this report. Also, the most powerful feature of this report, is the quality questions as journal prompts that will guide your through your own process and understanding of the information. This also can not be done on a live call. .It requires preparation, study, review, and reflection

5. How long will I able to use this report?

It depends on where you are at in your journey. This is a long-term report. It takes time to go through all the information and to complete the journal prompts. It is designed to work in conjunction with your life experiences. As you review your report, you will get to test out certain ideas and concepts in your day to day life. This report and guidebook can best be used through out the year and following years into the future. As your grow and expand, more of the information will apply to you and you will feel more inspired to implement the information.

6. What is the result/outcome?

the one page Soul Purpose Map (based on the Ikigai Map) is the result. Its a birds eye view of your vision for your future that derives from a all the new information presented in your personalized Purpose Report.

And remember the journey is just as important as the destination. The journey through the full report will provide many ideas, realizations, confirmations, understanding, and clarity that will help you complete your one page Soul Purpose Map.

7. What else out there is comparable to this?

There may not be much out there that provides this much information, structure, interpretation, and guidance in document and live zoom call format.

Additionally, If you wanted to go collect all this information and expertise you would need to go find a Purpose Astrologer, a Career Human Design Expert, a Career Gene Keys expert, and a professional numerologist separately and even then they may not provide documented information for you to refer back to. Not to mention you would not know how to combine and connect all the information together to fill out your Soul Purpose Map (based on the Ikigai Map)

8. Is this computer generated?

No, this is not a computer generated report. All content, information, is the original work & personalized interpretation authored by Vanessa Soul. Vanessa only uses comouter system for the calculation.

9. Is this an instant product?

No, there is 5 business day delivery window. It is a digital delivery. You will receive a PDF that you can save and access on multiple device.

10. What is the price investment?

$918.00 for the Purpose Report and everything included in the listed features above; including the 1 hour Integration zoom Call with Vanessa.

11. What is the refund policy?

You have 24 hours from when you place your order to request the refund. Refund will be issued only if your report has not been started. Refunds are not eligible if the order has been started.

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Discover & Decode your Life’s Purpose